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Samara Del Mare & Erica Jane Beresford FOUNDED C.S.A.C. IN 2001.

People often ask us, `How did you get into this business?'. `You are such `down to earth, every-day people', why did you get involved with cosmetic surgery?'

Yes! There is a beginning to our story. Its origin came in the form of a tragic accident that happened some 30 years ago. At the time we saw it only as a tragic happening. In retrospect we recognize that it gave our lives direction.

At that time we were living on an isolated property in far North Queensland. On this particular afternoon my husband and I were working while our two little girls were playing nearby. Suddenly my youngest daughter slipped, knocking over a two-gallon container of boiling water.

The contents spilled over her body and I could tell by her screams that she was very seriously burned. I tried to remove her boiling clothes to prevent further burning and to run cool water over her body while my husband prepared to drive us the 40 minutes to the nearest hospital.

She spent months in hospital battling to survive, first shock and then infection. Even when she began to improve there were still the ongoing round of skin grafts and scar repair procedures to endure.

Children cope with these things much better than adults. Often as we sat in the doctor's waiting room we would chat with other people suffering from a variety of problems. Over time we would get to know these people and, in many cases we saw them return after having those condition treated, helped or cured.

My daughter was amazed at the change she saw and often wondered why other people with similar conditions did not have them treated as well. `Perhaps they do not know where to go?' she said. `Mummy When I grow up I want to be a nurse and help people to find a place where they can go to fix things that are wrong'.

And that is exactly what she did. After years of training and research we have jointly established this present business.

It is her dream fulfilled. It is through her own personal experience that she is now able to provide clients with a very special brand of care and understanding not offered by others.

We all have inner dreams and hope. And for some, it may be the hope that a cosmetic procedure can rectify an aspect of themselves they are not happy with.

To these people I say, ` We will listen to your dream and we are ready to offer a supportive hand as you reach out to make that dream come true and to embrace, what could be a meaningful life change'.

Erica Reppel

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