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  • We believe that the image of cosmetic surgery is changing and that finally, these choices are no longer being seen as 'selfish' or 'vain'
  • Cosmetic choices are ‘choices of self improvement'
  • They are as meaningful to each individual as achieving fitness, weight loss and educational qualifications
  • Our aim is to assist others in their search for self-improvement through cosmetic surgery

We have always believed:
"That cosmetic choice is simply a means of improving some physical aspect of ourselves that we see as 'needing attention'. It also brings with it its own unique 'opportunity'. For it is experience in life that changes us and whether we are aware of it or not, we have the chance to grow with everything we do.

Life should be, and for many of us is, a constant reaching out to better ourselves and our performance. We seek to improve our happiness, our fitness, our career pathway, and our relationships and in other ways as well, and cosmetic improvement is simply an extension of this. An outer change to compliment an inner growth."

Erica J. Beresford. (Director of C.S.A.C.)

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