Who We Are

Klinical Health care

The Cosmetic Surgery Advisory Center (C.S.A.C.) was originally established in 2000 by a mother and daughter team Erica and Samara. They are not surgeons, they are just ordinary people like you and me who were involved in a series of accidents in their early lives that led to hospitalization and plastic reconstructive surgery.
Samara was just two years old when tragedy struck the family. While her mother and father were feeding the calves a two-gallon bucket of boiling water was knocked over spilling its contents over her tiny body. She suffered critical burns to 60% of her body and in that second her life pathway changed forever.

What We Do

The Cosmetic Surgery Advisory Centre (C.S.A.C.) and more recently the Brisbane Cosmetic Surgery Rooms is now run by Erica and a select team of dedicated staff. This business offers visiting surgeons a ‘Medical Administration’ Service that is Brisbane based. They continue to offer clients a ‘free’ information and support service that is uniquely of their own creation.

Specializing In

Face Lift
Breast Reduction
Thigh And Arm Drape
Underarm Anti-Sweating

Why Choose Us

Erica and the C.S.A.C. and Brisbane Cosmetic Surgery Rooms team will take the time to not only supply cost estimates to enquiring clients, they will provide a wide range of guide lines in researching and undergoing cosmetic surgery. There is a huge amount of information out there that can be very confusing.

When someone decides to enquire about a procedure they very often start by asking ‘what would this procedure cost me?’. and while price is important just keep in mind that you need to live happily with your surgery result.

Our service is a personalised one. We will help you research your area of choice -– we will explain issues such as the difference between ‘cosmetic’ and ‘medical’ procedures, Medicare rebates, the role and benefits of Health Fund cover, how to check a surgeon’s qualifications etc. and we will be there offering support right through until your time of recovery.

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